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Ronald Wilson Reagan: Perhaps the most inspirational American of all-time.

You are missed.

Well, what can I say??? It was fun while it lasted Falcons….

OK, winter you’ve been great. But it’s time for you to go……

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Man it was great being outta school…. eh, off from work today!!

A rare, rare occurrence. And wow, was it nice!

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Yes, the Atlanta weather forecast includes some potentially icy weather for Monday morning.

Let the hysteria begin!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead!

I can’t wait!  Wilhite cheers to you all!

Maybe.  Just maybe…..

Last time? Something like 1882.

Come on.  How about a little Christmas miracle!

Someone once said – Marketing is what your business does when it sells a [shoddy] product.

That may be so. But some outstanding products would have withered on the vine without it.

From Willhite to Wilhite-

My father once told me that he actually changed the spelling of our family name. He didn’t find the second “L” necessary and it took less time to sign his name with only one.

Not absolutely sure of the truth in all this, but find it amusing nonetheless.

Proud of our home-team Atlanta Falcons!

Making a run at the SuperBowl!

Go Falcons!