Heres to everyone that works hard earning a living for their family and themselves!

Freedom and Independence. Two wonderful words. Thank you to all who have labored, fought and died to make it so.

The Wilhite – Paseur wedding is coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Saturday is always a good thing.

Brandi Carlile at the Buckhead Theatre.  Man that girl can sing.

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Ronald Wilson Reagan: Perhaps the most inspirational American of all-time.

You are missed.

Well, what can I say??? It was fun while it lasted Falcons….

OK, winter you’ve been great. But it’s time for you to go……

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Man it was great being outta school…. eh, off from work today!!

A rare, rare occurrence. And wow, was it nice!

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Yes, the Atlanta weather forecast includes some potentially icy weather for Monday morning.

Let the hysteria begin!