Heres to everyone that works hard earning a living for their family and themselves!

Freedom and Independence. Two wonderful words. Thank you to all who have labored, fought and died to make it so.

The Wilhite – Paseur wedding is coming up soon! Stay tuned!

Welcome to teenagerdom Benjamin Wilhite!  Hope you enjoyed your Atlanta celebration tradition! Happy Birthday!

Saturday is always a good thing.

Brandi Carlile at the Buckhead Theatre.  Man that girl can sing.

Did ‘Market’ at the ‘W Buckhead’ last night.  Great conversation with friends. And food was wonderful again.

Capped off at Whiskey Blue upstairs.  Perfect.

Is it art?

Or is it science?

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It’s gonna be gorgeous this weekend.  Can’t wait.

Remember that Go Daddy TV commercial?

Yeeaaaaah, marketing isn’t always like that……